SA National Figure Skating Champs

Keva Emond and Marielle Kolaja coached by international coaches Gareth Echardt and Irina Bogomolova, who have returned from Cape Town where they competed in the SA National Figure Skating Champs, have enough energy and passion to melt the ice that they skate upon.

Even after a day that starts at around 4 am, to be at the Durban Ice Arena by 5 am, they still met us with enough enthusiasm and warmth, to remind all of us of the importance of working hard and dedicating your life to chasing your dreams. This was proven to all of us when Keva won the National Ice-Skating Champs, and Marielle finished 3rd place in her category, and both girls received their South African Junior Colours.

For Keva, who is a Grade 9 student, it does not stop there : Keva is just warming up in the mornings, and still follows through with a round of gym, before attending to her school career, after which she is back on the ice in the afternoons, and manages to find the time to add in a dance class once a week.

Marielle has her skates firmly fixed to the ice daily, but while she stays committed to the ice, as well as gym and dancing, she is also in her final school year, and working hard towards pursuing a career in Sports Science next year, and be able to combine her passion for Skating with the Sports & Fitness world, and hopefully be able to coach up and coming young skaters.

This is only the tip of the ice-berg for Keva and Marielle though, both girls are glissading furiously towards growing the sport, and creating more awareness of it, as it has not yet been established enough as a recognised sport in South Africa.

The Durban Ice Arena is proud to have Keva and Marielle as ambassadors and will be supporting them to seek the hidden skating talent that the girls are hoping to find out there, and making the sport more accessible to the Durban community, whilst sharing the joy and excitement that Ice Skating has brought for them.

Watch this space for future events happening at the Durban Ice Arena and be sure to keep an eye on our Keva and Marielle, as well as the other talented skaters that we are proud to have on our ice.