Meet The Team

Opertaions/Finance Manager - Durban Ice ArenaAvnish Ramjee
Avnish is the Operations Manager and Finance Manager for the Durban Ice Arena. His job is to ensure the smooth running of the Durban Ice Arena thus ensuring that all patrons enjoy an amazing and stress free experience.


Durban Ice Arena TeamDerek Loader
Behind the scenes is where you will find Derek, ensuring that all your lighting, audio and audiovisual requirements are taken care of.
Derek is also responsible for ensuring a top quality ice surface,
and is passionate about creating the perfect ice platform for
all to use.


Supervisor - Durban Ice ArenaLoren Webb
Loren is a supervisor for the Durban Ice Arena and is always on the ice arena floor as well as behind the scenes watching over and assisting the ice arena staff and clients.
He is also responsible for re-surfacing the ice after each session to ensure top quality of the ice for all to use.


Media and Marketing Co-coordinator Durban Ice ArenaRadhika Gangaram
Radhika is the Media and Marketing Co-coordinator, and with her passion, commitment and creative flair, she will be handling all things marketing related. Her portfolio includes all social media, graphic design, web design and photography elements.


Team Member - Durban Ice ArenaKarina  Khan
Karina assists with general enquires, as well as coordinating all birthday parties, school excursions, teambuilding & other special events. With Karina at the helm of your birthday party or event, you can be rest assured that it will be an event to remember.