Figure Skating Session Rules


  1. No horseplay on the ice.
  1. No headphones are to be used on the ice.
  1. All spins are to be practiced between the blue lines only and towards the middle of the ice.
  1. Groups are to work along the sides and never in the corners, Groups also must pay attention to traffic flow and not to disrupt the session.
  1. Skaters doing their programs have complete right of way. Any skater/coach who continually gets in the way of skaters doing programs may be asked to leave the ice.
  1. Music: Skaters will form a line for music and may only do their program once until all others have had a chance to do their program, or nobody wants to do their program. Skaters with two programs may do each one time, then must wait until everyone has had a chance to go. Coaches and skaters please plan your music and lesson times accordingly.
  1. Coaches in lessons may cut the music line once per lesson provided their skater has not already done their program. Only 2 coaches can cut back to back, then must let a non-lesson skater in the line go to keep the line moving.
  1. There is to be no verbal outbursts by coaches, parents or skaters either in anger or frustration, to another skater, coach or parent.
  1. Skaters are not allowed to intimidate or bully other skaters either verbally or physically.
  1. Skaters are not to lay on the ice, if you fall get up as fast as possible, prolonged laying on the ice will result in being asked to leave.
  1. Skaters who need to retie their skates must do so either at the side of the ice or off the ice, never out in the path of oncoming traffic or in the corners.
  1. Coaches may not teach in the corners, coaches however can momentarily go to a corner to show pattern adjustments or correct errors on jumps etc.
  1. Unless doing choreography/levels, coaches should limit the amount of time in the middle of the ice, please stay to the sides as much as possible.
  1. Coaches doing group lessons, need to give right of way to anyone doing their program and be mindful of other coaches/skaters on the ice.
  1. All coaches must wear skates and be on the ice to coach. No coaching from off the ice except for competitions/tests
  1. Remember, everyone has the same rights to be on the ice and as figure skaters no matter the age, or level we are all equal and share the same passion.


Thank you,
Durban Ice Arena Management