Durban Ice Arena Skating Disclaimer

Durban Ice Arena Skating Disclaimer

All persons entering or using the Durban Ice Arena or its facilities, do so entirely at their own risk (Skate at your own risk) and shall have no claim for injury of any nature whatsoever against the owners, management, staff, clubs or affiliates of the Durban Ice Arena. Ice Skating can be hazardous and the Durban Ice Arena will not be held responsible for any loss or injury incurred regardless of its nature.

The Durban Ice Arena highly recommends the use of protective gear (Helmet, elbow/knee pads and or gloves) helmets can be rented at the skate hire, or can be purchased in our Skate Shop along with gloves, socks and knee pads. Socks are required to be worn in our rental skates, if you have bare feet, you will not be allowed to rent skates, you can purchase socks in our Skate Shop.

Any persons who may suffer from high blood pressure, have any back, neck, heart or any other physical limitations should have a written clearance from their doctor and copy provided to Durban Ice Arena before participating in any ice skating activities. Pregnant woman should not skate at any time.

The Durban Ice Arena will not be held liable for any lost or stolen articles. A limited number of lockers have been provided for a small fee for you to secure your valuables.

The Durban Ice Arena may use special affects lighting including strobe lighting, this may cause susceptible viewers to have an epileptic attack or otherwise damage their health. Anyone at risk for this condition should not attend DJ Skates.

The Durban Ice Arena reserves the right to refuse service or admission to anyone.

Thank You.

Management Durban Ice Arena.