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The EDEA Piano is the latest step in skating technology, minimizing the impacts and maximizing your safety. It gives more Stability, allows for great power transfer and quicker movements. R8999.00 (Ex Blades)

The Chorus boot is a step up from Overture and is for serious skaters who are looking to include double jumps in their routines. The lightweight design combined with the latest technology produced this high performing boot.   R3999.00 (Ex Blades)

The Overture boot is a combination of lightweight design and EDEA technology. It offers great support and flexibility for skaters who are looking to develop and are performing basic skills single jumps and axels. R3499.00 (Incl Blades)












Range of Animal Blade Covers available in Penguins, Rabbits, Pandas and Puppy’s. Putting on blade covers after wiping protects the edges of your skates and helps your blade last longer and prevents them rusting. R330.00

The Edea Spinner means you can practice moves away from the ice. Made from nylon it can simulate the movements and sensations of the athlete on ice. It helps improve posture, balance, orientation and agility. It also can be very useful for warm-up exercises before training and competitions. R410.00

Use Edea polish to keep your boots in pristine condition. A pair of clean, well-looked after skates is the unmistakable, elegant hallmark of a true professional. R150.00














These EDEA gripping gloves have a series of rubber dots on the palm to absorb the shock of impacts and provide a better grip for getting up. R120.00

The MK Professional blade, acclaimed for its balance, performance and style, the parallel profiled Professional blade is the premier choice of coaches and experienced freestyle skaters worldwide. R3999.00

The MK Gold Seal is the first choice of numerous world and olympic champions, this superb blade epitomizes mk craftsmanship at its best. specifically designed for today’s advanced freestyle techniques, the gold star is side honed, tapered and uniquely hand brazed. R6999.00














Skate Guards available in Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. This essential piece of equipment protects the blade edges when walking. Made from PVC and EVA, the guard is composed of 2 pieces and a spring for easy assembly. They can be adjusted to fit all sizes, and stay firmly in position to provide full protection. R190.00